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HWS1000-PRO Handheld Weather Station

- Accurate measurements of multiple weather parameters including temperature,humidity, barometric pressure, wind, UV and light
- Built-in weather forecast and comfort index functions
- Support infrared temperature measurement
- Integrated high performance MEMS sensors
- Pocket size and ergonomic design with light weight
- Support GPS/BDS/GLONASS/GALILEO/QZSS/SBAS satellite navigation


Handheld Weather Station


HWS1000 is a professional hand-held weather station that supports measurements of temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, UV, light, infrared temperature, positioning and other parameters. The overall design incorporates ergonomics and reshapes the appearance and structure of the traditional hand-held weather station. The highly integrated electronic circuit design enables the compact size to contain several times more of the functionalities, which brings more convenience to outdoor weather observation.
HWS1000 handheld weather station can be widely used for various applications including hiking, mountaineering, camping, agriculture, sniper shooting, artillery, parachuting, track and field sports, water sports, skiing, outdoor exploration, polar scientific research, aviation and navigation, emergency rescue, special applications, and etc.


-  Accurate measurements of multiple weather parameters including temperature,humidity, barometric pressure, wind, UV and light
-  Built-in weather forecast and comfort index functions
-  Support infrared temperature measurement 
-  Integrated high performance MEMS sensors
-  Pocket size and ergonomic design with light weight
-  Support GPS/BDS/GLONASS/GALILEO/QZSS/SBAS satellite navigation





Measuring data


T measuring range
T measuring accuracy
T resolution
Humidity measuring range
Humidity measuring accuracy
Humidity resolution
Barometric pressure range
Barometric pressure  accuracy
Barometric pressure resolution
Wind speed  range
Wind speed accuracy
Wind speed resolution

IR T measuring range
IR T measuring accuracy
Dew point accuracy      
Dew point  resolution
Wind direction range
Wind direction accuracy
Wind direction resolution
Illumination dynamic range
Illumination resolution 
UV intensity
UV index grade
Wavelength measuring range

-30℃~70℃,-40℃~80℃(wider range version)
±0.3℃, ±0.2℃(5℃~35℃)
±3%RH (10%RH~90%RH), ±5%RH (other rangge)
0.1 hPa
±0.5 m/s

±0.5℃(when operating temperature is between 0℃~50℃, temperature of measured object is between 0℃~60℃)

0~128000 lx
1 lx
280nm~400nm (UV-B & UV-A)

GNSS module signal reception BDS/ GPS/ GLONASS/ GALILEO/ QZSS/ SBAS
GNSS speed measuring accuracy     <0.1m/s
Communication interface USB (Type C), BT, WIFI
Charging requirement    5V, 2Amax
Waterproof level IP65
Battery type Lithium polymer, 3.7V 3800mAh
Battery life Continuous bright screen working for 24 hours, standby for 400 hours
GNSS positioning accuracy ﹤2m/s
Cold start TTFF ≤35s
Operating environment 40℃~80℃, 10%~95%RH (Non condensing)
Dimensions 144mm×58mm×36mm
Weight 168g
Certificates CE,FCC,VCCI,C-TICK



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